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Equity 4 U Auto, RV, and Boat calculator

You can use the Equity 4 U loan calculator to see how your loan payments would be effected if you used Equity-4-U. You can quickly see how much money you can save.


Loan Amount: US Dollars
Interest Rate: %
Loan Term: Months
Days Until First Payment: Days
Loan Origination Date (Optional):
Customer Name
Estimated Monthly Loan Payment:$
Estimated Biweekly Debit Amount: $
Total Estimated Equity Acceleration:$
Less $399 Enrollment Fee:  $(399.00) 
Net Estimated Equity Advantage (after enrollment fee):$
Net Estimated Equity Acceleration due to reduced interest:$
Net Estimated Equity Acceleration due to accelerated payments: $
Estimated Term Reduction:From Months
  to Months
Payment Due Date
(Loan Origination Date + 45 Days)
First Full Debit Date
Biweekly (Recurring) Debit Date


The purpose of this program is to build equity faster by accelerating the loan payoff. The payment calculator is for demonstration purposes only and shows estimated figures; actual program benefits, interest reduction, loan payoff(months), payment amounts and other figures will vary. Any changes in interest rate, refinance of the subject of the loan or additional payments will have a significant effect on the savings and payment schedules. The figures are estimates and do not include the banking service fee. Interest reduction is not a total savings figure; in some cases the fees charged may exceed the interest reduction or benefit. Equity acceleration does not represent a total savings figure; it refers to the estimated difference in loan balance when compared to standard monthly payments.

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